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Conversation with Ernest Lowe can be heard on the YouTube video below.

For more from the photographer, read Black Okies’ Californian Dream


Coyas - Descendants of the Incas

Luis Martin's project chronicles the lives of the Coyas, people of the Andes mountains of South America, chiefly known for their oral tradition that has been preserved through the generations.
All images © Luis Martin 


Reflections – David Kaye’s personal journey through the camps of the Holocaust, man’s creation of hell on earth, and history being ignored.

All Images © David Kaye


Three decades after his family fled Palestine in 1948, 23 year old Najib Joe Hakim returned to document the life of his people.
All images © Najib Joe Hakim   

Black Okies' Californian Dream

How a community of black migrant workers escaped the Jim Crow South in search of an illusive American dream of a better life in California only to be disappointed and confronted by the same racism, poverty and exploitation. All images © Ernest Lowe


Coal Face

Surreal and evocative images of a bleak and desolate landscape are an expression of years of suppressed emotions, an act of defiance to the merciless conditions Goran Popovic has endured for twenty years. 

All Images © Goran Popovic

The Wonders of Kham and Larung Gar

All images © Victoria Knobloch Victoria Knobloch travels to the Tibetan Autonomous Region, Kham, to photograph what may be the largest religious institute existing in the world, Larung Gar.

Ground Glass

Editorial - Xiomáro and Sapna Dhandh-Sharma

Collapse of Utopia

All images © Jan Møller Hansen
How the former Soviet Union’s dream of a safe atomic energy programme turned into an unimaginable apocalyptic nightmare! Jan Møller Hansen sends us this story from Chernobyl, a town whose fate was sealed at 01:23 hrs on April 26, 1986.


All images © Mike Lee A city of multifarious activities, New York, through the eyes of Mike Lee, writer and photographer, whom even Hurricane Sandy could not prevent from stepping out.

Families Incarcerated

All images © Cesar Suarez Through his photographs and recorded statements of the inmates, Cesar Suarez demonstrates the 'human' side of the people responsible for some of the most horrific crimes.

City of Chaos

All images © Yusuke Suzuki Yusuke Suzuki smuggled himself into war-torn Aleppo to witness this historical city falling apart. He talks of his time spent with members of the Free Syrian Army and their families.

Home Away from Home: Little Palestine by the Bay and Born Among Mirrors: Fifty Years After

All images © Najib Joe Hakim In Home Away from Home, Najib Joe Hakim shares with us a very personal but all too familiar story of the displaced people that began sixty-seven years ago as part of the Palestinian exodus, when his family left their home to begin their long journey that culminated in their arrival in America, from where Hakim took a full circle half-century later to bring us Born Among Mirrors.

A Changing Chureca

All images © Timothy Bouldry
Timothy Bouldry's documentary on La Chureca, the biggest landfill site in Nicaragua, is one of passion, dedication and a real desire to raise awareness in the society by sharing the story of its recent progressive changes.


All images © Anthony Wood
Photographed in their homes by Anthony Wood, these are touching portraits of the elderly, in the autumn of their lives.


All images © Tara Conant Behind closed doors: The ordinary everyday façades that hide the horrors and grim reality of gender-based violence.